About Me

I’m Titus.
I Help Unstoppable Learners to Find Top Trainers

“Never Let Schooling Interfere With Your Education.”
I wish I had heard this quote in school or college.
I assumed that learning was solely for the purpose of “getting a job.”
I was wrong.
I thought the last day of college meant the end of the learning phase of my life.
This was one of the most ridiculous ideas I had ever encountered.

It resulted in a lack of skills, personal development, the agony of unemployment, depression, and days of being clueless in my life.

But then I decided to invest my time, money, and effort in a proper education.
Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Funnel Development, Copywriting, Digital Mentoring, Branding, Sales, and Entrepreneurship

Different specializations.. Different mentors.. Different trainings.. But one goal.

“Learn from Implementers”

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Here's how I can collaborate


Review Writing

I will write honest reviews on my website and all of my social media platforms after attending your training, webinars, and courses.
And will redirect reader to your registration or landing page.


Advertising on site

If you want to promote your training through a banner or poster, you can do so on my website.
This will also result in a redirect to your landing page.


Hosting Interview

You can promote your trainings and courses by partaking in the interviews I host on my YouTube channel.
The video description will include a link to your landing page.


Paid Ads

If you can communicate clearly with me about your target audience, I can run paid ads from my social media profile that redirect to your landing page.